About Us

About Us

We are a leading organisation in financial investment established in 2009 and today is one of the trusted brands in the online investment in Asia, Europe, continuing to develop dynamically.

We provide direct access to the financial investors who want to invest. In addition, we implore innovative trading technologies, to worldwide institutional entrepreneurs and investors.

You can evaluate the workmanship of our staff due to transparent work strategy focused on the long term profitability and satisfaction of every single client. In addition, Akeed Investment provides traditional services like global custodianship to investment banks, brokers-dealers, institutional investors, mutual funds, corporate entities and private investors.

We are private investors looking for a positive partnership investment opportunity in a project, company or business with a positive encouraging profit margin in need of an additional capital for expansion.

Establishment of Corporate offices

The need to assist many out-there make their ideas and concepts public became an urgent desire to be fulfilled. Which is why we established the company.

Private Equity Funds

First Private Equity Fund; total commitment US$100 million. Awarded to deserving laureates only

Perpetual Bond

Issuance of US$90 million in perpetual notes. Redeemed during the first three months of the following year.

Proprietary Capital

Spice Private Equity Stake Increase. Gaining exposure to niche sectors within the U.S. residential housing related market became very important

Our advise is that, you make the right call NOW!

Over The Last 10 Years, We’ve Been In This Corporate Investment Business. We Were Able To Help Hundreds Of Top-Flight Companies And Thousands Of SMBs To Call The Right Decisions…
We also help entrepreneurs get their stuff together before getting them the right investment packages.
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